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Our Story

We formed BFY Capital to meet the needs of CPG entrepreneurs seeking ways to fuel growth without substantial dilution. We create aligned interests through capital flexibility, mutual accountability, true partnerships and a long term view toward value creation without artificial timelines.

Our goal is to reset the table in favor of founding teams and the earliest investors who supported them.

Backing brands through the lens of being consumers first, and investors second.

If we don’t believe in a brand enough to put it in our own pantry, medicine cabinet, refrigerator or freezer – we don’t invest. It’s that simple. We back brands that our families, pets and friends enjoy every day – brands that make us proud.

Supporting health, wellness and the environment one brand at a time.

One of the great benefits of our investment activities is that they have a positive effect on public health and the environment. Natural products that are properly grown and responsibly produced can have a substantial impact on the world we live in – the one that our children will inherit.

It means a lot that we can go to bed every night knowing that our capital does more than create an economic return. Our investors feel the same way.

It’s all about the team and our partners.

We take great pride in our work, and even more pride in the people that support us on a day to day basis. We are fortunate to have a team of operating partners and advisors that believe in our mission, and who utilize their time and resources in support of our efforts. They are rock stars in their own right, and we are privileged to call them colleagues and friends.

About BFY Capital

BFY Capital is an affiliated entity of Working Lab Capital (“WLC”), a private investment and holding company.

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